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Pigmanorm Melasma Cream

Patient Information


Please read the entire information sheet carefully before you start using the medication. This medicine was prescribed for you personally, and must not be used by another person. It can be harmful to other people, even if they have the same illness as you. Pigmanorm cream 15g Ingredients: Hydroquinone, tretinoin, hydrocortisone. The medical constituents are: hydroquinone 5%, tretinoin 0.1g, hydrocortisone 1g. Other constituents are: Glycerol monostearate 40-65, hard paraffin, macrogol,
 isopropylmyristat, lauromacrogol 400, ascorbic acid, emulsifying acetyl stearyl 
 alcohol, thin paraffin, glycerol alkanoate, sodium cetyl stearyl sulphate, pure water.


What is Pigmanorm Cream Widmer and what is it used for?


Pigmanorm Cream Widmer is a medicine which is applied locally to the skin. It is manufactured by: Louis Widmer AG Rietbachstrasse 5 CH-8952 Schlieren 0041 43 433 7700 Pigmanorm Cream is used for melanin based hyper pigmentation (brown spots on skin) such as melasma, and brown marks after inflammation. What must you be aware of before using Pigmanorm cream? 1. Pigmanorm cream must not be used: • for vitiligo, for melanoma or suspected melanoma, acute inflammation or eczema of the skin, perioral dermatitis (inflammation of the skin around the mouth), rosacea. • during pregnancy or breast feeding • on children under 12 years old • with kidney disease • with any skin infections, such as cold sores, chicken pox, fungal and bacterial infections. • if you are allergic to any of the ingredients. 2. Special notice is drawn to the following: • Hydroquinone is absorbed through the skin in small amounts, so Pigmanorm should not be used on large areas. Hydroquinone is toxic if used excessively. • The treated area should be protected from the sun. SPF 30 or more is recommended. If travelling abroad for a sunny holiday stop using the cream one week before departure. • Avoid contact with mucus membranes, keep the cream away from nostrils eyes and mouth. • Tretinoin may increase the absorption of other skin treatments. Do not combine treatments without professional advice.

How is Pigmanorm cream applied?


By carefully following your doctors advice on how to use Pigmanorm cream you will increase its effectiveness and reduce its side effects. The standard regime is to apply the cream thinly at night to the affected area. However it can be irritant, especially if too much is applied too frequently, and especially when starting the treatment. You should use it less frequently at first, such as every other night, and wait for any irritation to settle before using the cream again. You can gradually increase the frequency of use to every night as your skin becomes accustomed to the cream. Use beyond 3 months increases the risk of side effects. Pigmanorm cream should not be used for more than a few months because of the risk of thinning the skin and of the cream staining the skin. What are the unwanted effects? 1. local irritation, flaking and stinging are common and settle when the cream is stopped 2. Prolonged application can cause thinning of the skin and persistent redness of the skin. 3. Prolonged application can cause both pale marks and dark marks on the skin. Please contact the prescriber if you develop any unwanted effects. How should Pigmanorm cream be stored? Keep the cream out of the reach of children. The cream should not be used after the expiry date. Do not store at temperatures above 25°C



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