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Restylane Emervel Dermal Fillers

Emervel is an exciting and sophisticated range of softer dermal fillers, designed for customised and smooth integration into the skin. It consists of five hyaluronic acid dermal fillers specifically designed to provide a good combination of tolerability profile and long-lasting correction of facial lines, contouring and volume loss or for lip enhancement.
The Emervel fillers are formulated through a unique process called Optimal Balance Technology™ , offering a softer and long lasting effect.

 Product Portfolio

Emervel Touch

Specifically formulated for fine, superficial lines.

Emervel Touch is a soft and subtle formulation for the treatment of superficial rhytides, such as perioral lines and periorbital lines. Providing predictable results for superficial lines, Emervel Touch is available in a prefilled 1 x 1ml syringe and comes complete with 2 x 30G ½ 'Ultra Thin Wall' needles.

Emervel Classic

Moderate lifting effect for lines and wrinkles.

Emervel Lips

Specifically formulated for lip enhancement.

Emervel Deep

High lifting effect for deep wrinkles or facial folds.

Emervel Volume

Restore volume to facial features, such as cheeks or chin.

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AMEC AWARDS 2014 & 2016

Ailesbury Clinics are the only clinic in the world to have won two AMEC Awards and ' Best Medical Research in Ireland 2017'. Specialists in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. We perform minor surgery + skin cancer screen. VHI, Aviva, Laya and Irish Health accepted. Hstopathology performed at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin. Consultation €120  READ MORE Please read all of our Ailesbury Clinic BLOGS


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