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Ellipse Nd:YAG


Treat dilated leg veins and other vascular lesions which cannot be removed by IPL


Vascular lesions are normal veins that have dilated under the influence of increased venous pressure. 
Whereas classical IPL works for certain smaller leg veins, it is generally accepted that Nd:YAG technology is much more effective than IPL for the majority of leg veins.

The Ellipse Nd:YAG is also ideal for facial telangiectasias; especially around the nose, where it can be difficult to apply the light guide of the IPL applicators. Venous lakes are easily treated due to the round spot size of the Nd:YAG and the Nd:YAG is furthermore CE-cleared for clearance of those port wine stains which are resistant to IPL or Pulsed Dye Laser


Clinically proven, safe and effective


Ellipse Nd:YAG offer treatments of leg veins, reticular veins, facial telangiectasias, venous lakes and resistant port wine stains.

How does an Nd:YAG laser work?


To clear leg veins, the vessels must be constricted. A 1064 nm wavelength Nd:YAG laser sends energy into the blood and vessel walls, where it is absorbed by blood. Red blood cells are heated, causing met-haemoglobin formation and greater absorption. This causes microclotting and heating of the vessel wall, leading to complete or partial collapse. The constricted vessel then degenerates, and the visible leg veins disappear from the surface of the skin.


How does an Nd:YAG laser work on leg veins?


Treating vascular conditions in general is based on the principle of selective photothermolysis performed with a single pulse. 
A condition of good results is that the Pulse Time is chosen noting the thermal relaxation time for the actual vessel thickness. 
The ideal immediate response to treatment with vascular laser is coagulation of the vessel with no other apparent effect. This effect can be observed in the form of bluish or greyish discolouration visible on the skin surface. In leg veins, blanching or disappearance of the vessel may occur.


Why is the Nd:YAG laser better than SWT for treatment of leg veins?


Leg vessels are normally deep, which is why Nd:YAG in most cases respond better than IPL. 
SWT is good for treatment of very superficial small vessels or blanching after sclerotherapy. Note that lasers or light can only be used 1 month post sclerotherapy.



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