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Dr. Treacy serves on the editorial boards of four international aesthetic journals. He has featured on the Today Show, Ireland AM, CNN, Dr. Drew, RTE, TV3, Sky News, BBC and Newsweek.Click me and tell your visitors about your video.

RTE Midweek (IRL)

Dr Patrick Treacy discusses cosmetic regulation in Ireland

Dr. Drew CNN (US)

Dr. Patrick Treacy discusses mIchael Jacksons death with Dr. Drew CNN

Discovery Channel (US)

Aphrodite Jones discusses the death of Michael Jackson on the Discovery Channel

TV3 Ireland AM

Dr. Leslie Baumann and Dr. Patrick Treacy discuss the Skin Type Solution

TV3 Cosmetic Show (IRL)

Dr. Robery Rey 90201 and Dr. Patrick Treacy discuss cosmetic regulation

TV3 Cosmetic Show (IRL)

Dr. Robert Rey and Dr. Patrick Treacy discuss gender issue


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Ailesbury Dublin
David Lloyd Riverview,

1st Floor,
Beech Hill Road,
Donnybrook  Dublin 4.

Tel:   (01)269 2255 / 2133

Fax: (01) 218 0857




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Ailesbury Cork

Holbar House
East Village
Douglas, Cork.

Tel: (01) 269 2255 

Cork (021) 4835006    

Fax: (01) 218 0857


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AMEC AWARDS 2014 & 2016

Ailesbury Clinics are the only clinic in the world to have won two AMEC Awards and ' Best Medical Research in Ireland 2017'. Specialists in Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine. We perform minor surgery + skin cancer screen. VHI, Aviva, Laya and Irish Health accepted. Hstopathology performed at St. Vincent's University Hospital, Dublin. Consultation €120  READ MORE Please read all of our Ailesbury Clinic BLOGS


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