Macs Short Scar Face Lift

Your surgeon will always discuss with you and recommend the treatment that is appropriate for you. During the consultation, the surgeon will also explain the treatment,

its results and benefits, the duration of the result and the frequency of repeating the treatment.

What you need to know about Macs Short Scar Face Lift

The MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) face-lift is a simple and effective face-lift operation that is designed to lift the lower two-thirds of the face. Only a limited amount of excess skin needs to be removed, and therefore there will be only an inconspicuous scar in the crease in the front of the ear and in the hairline above the ear. In contrast to most other techniques, this type of face-lift can be performed with local anaesthetic under light sedation. Therefore, you will not have to be admitted to the hospital and you can leave the clinic about 2 hours after surgery.

Where will the surgery be performed?

The MACS face-lift procedure is performed in our Dublin Clinic.

Type of Anaesthesia

The MACS lift procedure is carried out under intravenous sedation so there will be no pain and you will sleep throughout the operation.

The Surgery

MACS lift procedure usually takes between two to two and a half hours and patients will return home the same day.

Frequently asked questions:

What results are to be expected?

The results may vary and will also depend on your looks before surgery. This can also depend on your specific expectations, as discussed in advance with your surgeon. Signs of ageing and weakening of the tissues will definitely be less conspicuous and may often virtually disappear. You do not have to worry about your individual features or expression. The feared “wind-tunnel” face-lift look, with flattening of the face, is caused by over-tightening the skin. However, in a modern face-lift and especially in a MACS-lift, the skin is tightened very little. Rather, the surgeon restores the volumes of the subcutaneous tissues, which restores the youthful contours of the face.

How long will the effects last?

You must realise that no cosmetic surgery procedure can stop time. A face-lift can, however, turn back the clock and be effective for a number of years. How long the effects last will also depend on your lifestyle and possible genetic factors.

If you have any further questions or queries about this procedure, please feel free to call and speak to either Dr Roberto Viel or any of our nurses. Please note that it is necessary to attend a consultation prior to your operation, this is also the case with existing patients, it may also be necessary to have repeat blood tests.

The Macs Short Scar Program

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Dr Roberto Viel works betweens our Dubai Healthcare City and London Harley Street clinics. He obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan, Italy, and finished his studies in aesthetic plastic surgery in London, UK. He has been practicing as a plastic surgeon on Harley Street, with his twin brother, Dr Maurizio Viel since 1990. Dr Roberto is a speaker at international aesthetic congresses as he is one of the world’s most recognised plastic surgeons and beauty specialist and is co-author of the sold out ‘The Viel’s Beauty Bible’. For more than 20 years, the twin brothers have been responsible for pioneering and introducing most of the plastic surgery procedures that are available today making them sought after not only by patients but by medical corporations to help train other surgeons and doctors globally.

The day of your surgery

Your Macs Face-Lift Procedure

On the day of the operation, the surgeon will explain each step of the procedure, and the nurse will assist you throughout the operation. A local anaesthetic will be injected subcutaneously (under the skin) with a very fine needle. You will feel a slight sting and burning sensation, but that will disappear almost immediately. The anaesthetic will last about 2-3 hours. At the end of the operation, your face will be cleaned with a sterile solution; a dressing will then be applied as well as a facial band that will sit under chin and around the head.


After Surgery

After the surgery, when you have returned home, you should try to remain as quiet and relaxed as possible. Regularly apply ice to your neck and ear area for the first 12 hours to reduce swelling and bruising. When you lie down, keep your head elevated, because lying flat or bending down will increase the swelling.

You may also want to bring a scarf to cover the bandages on your way home.

You will be given pain medication and antibiotics to take, it is important to follow instructions given by the nurse on how to take these, continue not to take aspirin.

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