Purasomes  NC150+


A powerful regenerative mechanism, activated by unique Purasomes  NC150+ formula, amplifies collagen production, triggering formation of  fibroblasts in the dermis,  essential for new cell growth; dramatically  improves  skin structure, its strength, and elasticity.

Angiogenesis, the creation of new blood vessels,  is stimulated by 20 functional Growth Factors  derived from the richest source of growth factors and exosomes existing in nature,  plays a vital role in skin health and functioning.

The ability of Purasomes to promote angiogenesis significantly contributes to skin remodeling and   creating new cells with new blood supply,  accelerating  the recovery process of sustained tissue damage caused by chrono ageing.

Purasomes Nutri Complex is a perfect treatment for those who are experiencing age related skin changes, seeking for non surgical options and choose natural approach.


  • Works on mature, dry, distressed and chronologically or photo damaged skin by drastically amplifying cellular performance.
  • Repairs deepest layers of skin. Supports collagen formation and maintains skin firmness and elasticity.
  • Deeply nourishing and replenishing. Enhanced penetration ability. Promotes angiogenesis and new tissue formation.
  • Determines new skin quality. Creates long term resilient skin framework, defined contour and firmer skin.


Purasomes  NC150+


Purasomes are a combination of 20 Billion High Purity Exosomes and 20 powerful GFs (growth factors), derived from organic bovine colostrum and produced in DermoAroma’s factory in Italy, using AMPLEX Plus technology. Purasomes can re-target cellular activity and enhance cell renewal at high-performance levels.

The downtime of this treatment is minimal. Your skin may feel dry for a few days after the treatment. We recommend using a hyaluronic acid serum, as your skin will absorb it better than usual.

Exosome treatment can last up to 18-24 months or longer depending on the condition of the skin, the patient’s lifestyle and other factors.

Optimised treatment is typically achieved after a total of 3-6 sessions at 30 days apart.

A topical anaesthetic is applied to the treatment area

During the procedure, your aesthetician will apply the exosomes to your skin and use a microneedling device to create tiny micro-injuries in the skin, which allows for the stem cell-derived exosomes to be delivered directly into the skin, and into the deeper skin layers

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